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Simply Vegan Week 27 recap

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This week’s recipes:

Chef challenge: Pear, tempeh bacon, and raspberry grilled cheese sandwich

Baketivism: Chocolate bar pie


                           For the animals

Belated mother’s day slideshow of adorable moms and babies!
Greatest animal photobombers of all time. (THIS IS AMAZING)

                                For your health

Miracle foods for vegans
Vegans less at risk for cataracts

Meow! Vegan lynx: 

Two new sweet bean dips: chocolate peanut butter black bean dip and cinnamon spiced adzuki bean dip

Quick and Easy Low Calorie Vegan Comfort Food is on the shelves! Enter to win a free copy!

The Vegan Society answers some tricky questionsI didn’t love all the answers, but it’s nice to have a baseline response.

GGA compiles the comfiest vegan shoes this summer(Like, cute comfy, not comfy comfy.)

Activating empathyVoting starts soon!

Paleoveganology compares speciesism to creationism; argues for conversational intolerance. 
In short, we’ve been acting like the burden of proof lies with us.  But it doesn’t, and we really ought to start acting like it doesn’t.”

Remember that infuriating “Giving up the V-Card” post? Our self proclaimed archenemy over at Let Them Eat Meat interviewed the authorDavid Cain. Once again, Cain alludes to this all or nothing mentality which I don’t believe in. And once again, he says some really insightful things. I especially like his points about how humans aren’t really rational, so using rational arguments is kind of a waste. Benj liked this too, and he’s pretty much the expert on vegan activism.

Upcoming vegan events:

17 days, 16 hours, and 38 minutes to Vegan Fest! (I may or may not have a google countdown going…)

*Also, I can’t believe I forgot this, but Madison Vegan Drinks tomorrow night, Tex Tubbs, 6:30 - 9! 

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